Use Street View to Showcase your Business!

Many people have turned to Google Street view to navigate around, and see things in places they are visiting.  One of the first thing many people do when looking for a place, is click on Google’s Street view link to the business.  When a customer sees they outside of your business they are judging a book by its cover, Google Business View invites them to see inside.

Yes you may have a nice exterior, but people want to see what your business looks like.  Many people will go with what they know when making reservations, giving recommendations, or visiting your business.  This means that the customer will stick to places they have been instead of visiting somewhere new.  You can have the best foods, best products, best drinks, etc. but if you do not have pictures you are missing out.

A Google Business View Virtual Tour allows you to show off your business at an affordable price.  This tour is not just one you embed in your website; it’s shared all across Google.  It gets a prominent place on your Google My Business page, it can be found on Google Maps, Google searches, and even off Google Street View.  This tour is the most connected tour platform on the market, and it’s more affordable than the rest.

If you think that it would be good, but it’s out of your price range then think again.  This tour is about half the cost of your 411 or Yellow Pages subscription.  The funny part about both of those, is that your business listing with them will be found using Google, and your Google My Business page will likely already be on the side of the screen above that listing.  The only thing you get for your Yellow Pages subscription is that name in a phone book; and if that’s what you went then it’s worth it.  Ask yourself when the last time you reached for a phone book to look up a business?  Most people will say not in a while, as they GOOGLE it.

Don’t think a tour can sell, why not let your customers visit from the street 24/7.  Take a few min to look at this tour and tell me that customers will not visit to see your business in person!

Get a tour done today, and give your potential customers the chance to see inside your business before they visit.

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