Setting up for your Hotel Tour

The most important thing to remember, when setting up for your tour, is that the camera will pick up details that the human eye did not pick up. We try for people free shoots for the cleaner look, if you wish to have people in the pictures let us know. This is one of the best ways to bring people to your hotel, so every hour spent on preparing the hotel to look its best is worth it. During the day of the shoot, there should be a senior person from your housekeeping staff on to oversee room prep. We want this shoot to look the best for your hotel that’s why it takes time to have a tour done. With this in mind we came up with this list to help you prepare your shoot.

Breakfast area:

• The breakfast area should be set up like it is for the morning;
• Tables, counters, glass, and shelves wiped down;
• Garbage’s emptied;
• Floors cleaned; and
• If you serve a hot breakfast you can do up a plate to be used in the imagery.

Common areas

• Floors cleaned;
• Unnecessary mats moved;
• Counters, tables, and other surfaces wiped off and clutter free;
• TV’s and computer screens off and cleaned;
• Large banners removed;
• Glass cleaned and free of prints; and
• Unnecessary objects and plants moved out of the areas (clean look).


• Floors cleaned;
• Unnecessary objects moved;
• Glass cleaned;
• Surfaces cleaned;
• Fitness equipment wiped down;
• Towel racks full;
• Pool service clear of water;
• Pool equipment away;
• Nothing in Pool (unless you want something in it);
• Pool cleaned;
• Hot tub area clear of water;
• Sauna cleaned and dry; and
• Chairs arranged neatly.


• Beds crisp (we recommend ironing the sheets and the cover so there is no wrinkles);
• All surfaces cleaned and dust free;
• Lamps centered on tables;
• All the same type of bulb (not mixed types; ex: CF, LED and Tungsten in one room);
• All unnecessary paper and other clutter moved from the tables;
• Floors cleaned;
• Unnecessary objects out of the room;
• Bathrooms cleaned;
• Towels arranged neatly (best towels you have);
• Unnecessary bathroom clutter removed, leaving the supplies neatly arranged;
• Coffee machines and cups laid out neat (coffee stacked in its place);
• TV’s cleaned;
• Glass cleaned;
• Furniture placed neatly;
• Front of fridge cleaned;
• Luggage racks and stands removed;
• Closets closed, or everything laid out neatly (just hangers evenly spaced); and
• Windows should have the blackout curtains open and privacy curtains closed.


• Tables cleaned and chairs neatly arranged;
• All surfaces cleaned;
• All clutter removed;
• Lights on;
• Tables set as they would be (everything should be even);
• Glass cleaned;
• The Chef/ Restaurant manager (if different from hotel Manager) should be preset;
• Any dishes you wish to have photographed should be fresh and spotless;
• A new copy of the menu to be photographed;
• Plants wiped down; and
• Floors cleaned.

Conference/banquet Rooms

• Floors cleaned;
• Tables cleaned and set as they would be normally;
• Glass cleaned;
• All unnecessary clutter moved;
• All surfaces wiped down;
• Chairs neatly arranged;
• Equipment should be clean and set up if normally used/included; and
• Large banners removed.

We request that you let us know in advance what you want to have shot, so the necessary equipment will be available during the shoot. We know your hotel may not have all of the above, but this is an all inclusive list to cover all hotels. We are here to work with you to make your hotel look the best, this list is not a must, but is a guide so that your hotel will look the best. The small details are easy to miss, but the camera will see them all.

We request that a senior member of your housekeeping staff, as well as the hotel Manager be present during the shoot day. We try to conduct shoots over a couple days; the photographer will help direct the staff to have the rooms ready to look their best. If you are able to have your marketing manager present they can help lay everything out the way they want it. There is only so much that can be done to a picture before it looks too photoshopped. We try to have the room look as good as possible before we shoot so that it looks crisp and realistic for the customer.

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