Pictures Sell more then Words, but, do all your pictures sell?

Have you ever herd the saying “A Picture is worth 1000 Words”?  Well it may not always be true, but pictures sell.  If you post 2 items side by side, one with a description, and one without, most people will choose the one with a picture.

Those 1000 words may not always be about your products but your business, but if you use pictures from a cell phone, it can tell customers you don’t care.  Customers want to see high quality images.  Google Business View gives you high quality images of your business, as well as high quality point of interest shots that can be of anything in your business that you wish.

A customer’s first impression can mean a lot and they normally get that from images.  Look at many of the high end hotels; they all have high quality images for their hotels, as they know that 90% of the rooms they sell will be because of those pictures.  With your business, pictures sell as well, if a customer can navigate your store from home, and find an item they want; they will likely buy it from you.

Do you sell big ticket items, such as cars or hot tubs etc?  Then having a tour allows customers to see all your displays, and make the choice of what one they like.  Many people still buy on looks, so having a way for a customer to see a product allows them to better decide on what one they want.  A Google Business View Tour is made of High Quality images, allowing customers to see the item they are looking for.

roxstone cafe (1 of 1)-12

All Google Business View tours we do come with still POI images.  These will be published along with the tour, and can be emailed to you for your own use.  These images are a great way to show off your products.  When our photographer goes to take these images, he will normally ask if you have any pictures you would like taken.  WE want your satisfaction with the tour and want to work with you to give you the most for your money.  These pictures can be of anything you choose, such as merchandise or just your store.

food bank (1 of 1)

When a customer is able to see quality images of your store and products, they have a better chance of visiting you then if you have a pile of pictures from your cell phone.   We at CS Photography want to help you grow your business with Business view.  Like our blog post, please share it on social media, and comment below.


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