Other Services

Along with the tours we offer extra services related to your tour.

  1. Google + (Google My Business) page set up ($50, or free with a tour);
  2. Extra Blurring – With the tour all faces and licence plates are blued; but if you need things like your price tags blued costs extra ($10 a pano);
  3. Video walk threw of tour tour, as you can see for the Kinsman centre ($20);
  4. Extra POI Pictures $50 each;
  5. Sunset/Night shot of the outside of your business ($100 unless done during the shoot);
  6. 360 Video, as seen below ($50).  These videos can be used on both Facebook and YouTube;
  7. Custom Overlays ($250, included in all hotel packages) Example;
  8. QR codes of your tour ($20, included in some packages); and
  9. Google Photo Spheres, great to show off key points around you business.  These photo spheres are connected to Google maps, and can be linked to a website or shared by social media (ask price).

all prices above are subject to HST.