360 Images now Supported on Facebook!

Late last week Facebook announced that they are now allowing 360 pictures to be posted, and have created their own viewer for it. This is a big leap forward for your business, with everyone using Facebook, and for many small businesses Facebook is their only form of online presence.

This announcement is a large milestone for many different types of businesses, as you are now able to offer interactive images to your Facebook page allowing customers to better interact with them. 360 images share a full perspective with your customers, with 360, you are allowing the customer to choose what they wish to see, and not limit their view as it was unable to be captured in the still image. Interaction is also a key form of engagement. When given the chances to interact this helps boost the customer’s likely hood that they will visit your business.

The benefits of 360 images are best felt in the hospitality industry. Shortly after Facebook’s 360 image launch, the Mission Beach Hotel, located in a Rain forest in Australia posted a 360 image to Facebook. Within 24 hours they had sold 15 rooms from that single Facebook post. That image cost them just over $200, and had been used previously posted on Google Maps, and on their website. Excluding the other exposures and business that image already generated, it paid for itself again 3X over, within 24 hours of being posted on Facebook.

360 images are the newest way to show off your business, and allow for better customer engagement and attraction than any other form of picture. Having 360 images on your businesses Facebook is a great way to bring customers in your business, sell more products, or just to communicate with them. We offer 360 images to all our tour clients, and 360 images can be purchased for your business separately, or as part of a package

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