Why your Business needs Google +

Google + is seen as Google’s spin off of Facebook, and there for overlooked by most business owners.  Google + is far more than just Google’s Facebook.  Google + is almost like a website, and holds the same weight as one in Google Search.  Trying to get found on Google, well using Google + will help you more than Facebook.

So now your business has its Google + My Business page set up, and you may have noticed the traffic counter.  That counter counts the number of unique visitors to your Business’ Google + page.  These visitors may have gotten there through the web, your website, or Google + its self; but they found your page.  Google + pages normally display higher in Google searches, than your website; as they are indexed almost instantly.  This indexing means that if you use Google to find your business Google + will be near the top.   Each Google + post has its own ULR, so it basically becomes a mini website, allowing you to link your post everywhere.

A lot of small businesses do not have websites, and relay on Facebook to act as their website, well that may be a good Idea if people find your Facebook Page.  If the customer is using Google, they likely will not get to your Facebook page; as Facebook only lets Google Bott crawl its servers once in a while.  With Google +, it is indexed to Google as soon as it is posted.   What does that mean; well when you search your Business, Google does not have the most recent Facebook info, therefor it ranks lower in the search results.  With Google Page rank, content and frequency are king.  That means that if you use Google + just like Facebook Google will index your page higher in the search results.  Google also ranks posts by interactions such as 1+’s (share) and comments.

Local search is also benefited by a up to date Google + page, as Google knows you are still in business.  On top of that you have content, that helps keep your ranking current.  If you search for local businesses, the top ranked ones will be verified Google + pages with active content.  This is where a Google Business View tour helps you out, it is Great content, and helps engage local customers who are not using Google +.  A tour gives you the same as a 1+, due to the customer interaction.  The other top local factor is ratings on your Business page; this is one of the most looked at factors as it shares customer experience.

At the end of the day, using some simple Google + features will greatly benefit your business.  Many of your customers are looking for your business with Google, you need to be found.  Get started with Google + today.  Need help?  We include Google + set-up help with all tours, or it can be done on its own.  email Chris for more information.

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