Why you need to sell online!

How does your business fit into the online world?  If you’re not then you’re losing out.  A recent report released from Canada Post said that 76% of Canadians made a purchase online last year, spending over $136 Billion.  Online shopping is on the rise and predicted to grow more according to the Canadian Retail Council; so if you’re not online you’re missing out.

With predictions that online shopping will do nothing but increase, now is the time to make sure your business is ready.  The biggest hurdle to overcome with online shopping has always been cost of shipping, and the time it takes to get to the consumer.  In the recent years Canada post has taken steps to overcome that, allowing discounts to bulk shippers etc.

One big advantage of allowing retail off your website is that you are no longer tied exclusively to the economy in your town, Provence, or country.  That’s a good thing for any business as you can now compete on a global scale.  There are plenty of people who have opened up small online only stores and have grown, so transferring your retail business online should be a no brainer.  For an established retailer you should be able to set up your business to sell online as well as in store for little cost.  If you advertise and get your presence online right then you could likely make back the initial set up in six months or less?

Making the jump to online may be a hard idea if you don’t know how to start.  Building a goof ecommerce website takes time and skills, and is not for everyone.  That’s why I would like to point you in the direction of www.hostmaina.ca.  They provide website design and hosting at an affordable price for all businesses.  If your business is located in New Brunswick Canada, you can receive 10% to 25% off when you get a Google Business View tour from us.

Once you have your business online, you still need to find a way to get customers to visit.  That’s where a Google Business View tour comes in.  Once the customer sees inside your location, they may choose to shop in store rather than online so they can actually see the product.

If you’re unsure about getting online or want to get more information, please visit www.hostmania.ca, and fill out their contact us form.  Getting your business online is easier than you think.  Not from NB, or not able to get a tour done for other reasons, you can still get 5% discount for just reading this blog, and sending the link to it once you sign up.


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