Why Hire a Google Trusted Photographer

Many businesses need something to give them an edge in finding customers, increasing SEO, and interacting online with customers. The natural move to do that is by pictures. Google gives hire search rankings to websites and Google + Pages with pictures. Now before you go out with your phone and take a bunch of pictures, continue reading. Pictures are content, and good content is a key ranking factor with Google search; but not all pictures are equal. When it comes to pictures, there are many different types; there are pictures of products, pictures of staff, pictures of the store, and virtual tours.

Taking pictures with a cell phone, point and shoot camera are content, but not all content is created equal. When it comes to getting content on your site, what type of images do you want? Cell phone pictures point and shoot pictures, or professional quality images? Cell phone pictures are great for fast social media posts, and to show off moment in time images, but as long term content, they are not as good as pictures from a camera.

When it comes to long term images, a virtual tour of your business provides good content, and consumer interaction. Allowing customers to see products set up, or just to browse your shelves from home, work, or on the go. These tours are a great edition to a website, and help with two key things in Google’s Search rankings; Content and Customer Experience/interaction. Best of all they can be done using your android phone and Google Maps new software. With some time you can make a small tour of your business, and embed it.

Just like Images tours are not all created equal, the tour you did with your smart phone is on Google Maps, and embed to your website; but the tour is Google Maps and not tied to your business. Now you ask how to tie a tour to your business? It’s easy, call a Google Trusted Photographer like our Photographer Chris.

Google Business View Virtual tours are tied directly to your business’ Google listings, so when customers view them, share them, and enter them; they are spending time on your Google Account. Why would you want that? Besides for content, customer interaction is high in search rankings. If a customer spends time on the crappy tour you made with your phone, it doesn’t give you the same time spent on page. Also with a Google Business View tour, you get the “See Inside” Icon on your businesses Google + page. This feature appears in Google searches and on your map Icon.

Now you are wondering why you can’t get the see inside with your smart phone tour; well as a Google Trusted Photographer we do not use a smart phone for your tour. Your tour is shot using a DSLR camera along with a special lens and tripod head. The tours we create are of a high quality, and deserve that special place on your page. Along with the tour, we are going to upload 10 to 15 high quality photos to your Google + Page. These images are also given a higher rank, as they are listed as content from Google.

Now you are likely saying I can’t afford this; well you can. Google has set the price of this service so that it is affordable to all businesses. If you run radio ads, have a paid Yellow Pages or 411 accounts, then you can afford it. The prices are based on size starting as low as $300, so you will have to email or call us for a quote. The tour process is just as simple; our Google Trusted Photographer Chris comes in does the shoot of your business; and with Google Magic, and a hard work on Chris’ part; the tour is on your Google + page in under two weeks. There is no more affordable way to Get Online!

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