Why do I need a Tour?

Many people wonder how a Google Business View tour can help, or think it’s not for their business.  I am here to tell you it’s good for all businesses.  This tour is designed to show off your business allowing greater connection between you and your clients.  The tour also has other benefits that you may find more important than just allowing customers to “See Inside”.


The main reason to have a Google Business View tour is for your customers.  Many people want to see places to eat, see where they are going to visit, see the places they do business, also browse for products etc.  This tour allows them to do all of that.  Almost everyone has used street view to see the front of a place they are going to visit.  If you had the ability to see inside from your computer, would you?  Of course you would.  Allowing your customer to interact with your business is a good way to get them in the door.  When customers are shopping they may not have the time to visit your store, restaurant, office etc.  Many people have more time when they are at home or work, to search online, and then they do when they are out shopping.  If your goal is to sell based on personal interaction, then you will likely think it is not good.  The question I ask you is would an increase of foot traffic into your business generate sales?  You may have outstanding customer service, but you need to get people in your business to let them see the knowledge of your staff.   Do you do business with people from out of town?  Tourists will be looking for almost everything on Google, and allowing them to see inside your business gives you an edge over other businesses.  Tourists have limited time to look around, so when they see something they want they will make plans to go there.  If they can see inside they cannot preplan a visit to your business causing you to miss out on that sale.


Do customers visit your location?  If they do, a Google Business View tour is right for you.  When someone is searching for a place to shop, place to eat, or other services; they are going to likely turn to Google.  They will use Google its self, or a Google Product like Google Maps.  These will help bring customers to your Google + page you have set up (and verified).   Now that the customer has the search results, your business will be somewhere in the mix of local rankings.  When looking at local searches Google looks for some key factors, a verified Google + page, content, and time customers spend on the page.  With a Google Business View tour is content, it provides a large amount of content; and provides customer interaction both of those factors help search alone.  Along with the tour are Point of Interest pictures of different things around your business.  One of these will become a storefront image, on your Google + page (if you do not have one).  This image is the single most important factor in search, without it, or with a low quality image you are missing key factors in the Page rank formula.


If you do business a tour is for you, but the tour is only as good as your use of it.  If you don’t make it more available then it won’t give you a large benefit.  More questions, ask our Google Trusted Photographer, Chris.  He will answer all your questions, and is the one that will help you get Street View inside your business.

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