Verifey Your Google Places page or it will be lost

Your Business likely has a Google + page.  You may not know they do, but they do.  Many of your customers use this map icon to find your business, and you may use it on your website.  Now here is the kicker, soon, it may disappear for Good.  Well not all places pages, just the ones that are not verified.  I have posted on this before and can be seen here.  This time I am going to give you step by step instructions so you can verify your Google My Business Account.  Don’t want to verify it yourself; we will do it for you for a small fee (included in all tours).

  1. Create a Gmail account for your Business, or use your Gmail;
  2. Find your Business’s places page, and click the “is this your Business” or “Manage Page tab” If your business is not their, you can simply add it, and follow the same process).
  3. Log in with the Gmail you created, correct all the information, add pictures, and click verify.
  4. Google will mail you a post card to the address given for the business, and once you get it, all you have to do is go to your My Business page and type in the code.

Here are the verification instructions for a Google My Business page direct from Google.  Once this is done your page is verified, and you are able to see the amount of views to your page, update pictures, information, and your Google + page.  Google does not want your business to lose your page, but after years of trying to get owners to take action, they are moving to the next step.  We at CS Photography want to help you grow, and better use your Google My Business page.  If you liked this post or found it helpful, please comment below, and share this post so others can learn.


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