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Setting Up for a Shoot - Chris Stapleton Photography

Setting Up for a Shoot

We at CS Photography want to make your tour look the best possible, to help you get ready for the shoot we have compiled a check list that will make it easier for you.   This simple list is some things you should do to get ready.  We try to book tours at times when your business is closed so that we can get it in its best condition.  THE CAMERA SEES EVERYTHING! With such high quality photography, things like dirt on the floors, dust on the windows, and clutter on desks really stand out.

  • Make sure your staff are aware that we are coming, and know what we are trying to accomplish;
  • Sweep Floors/Vacuum Carpets;
  • Shovel front entrance and sidewalk in winter;
  • Clean windows;
  • Align chairs with Tables/Desks;
  • Be sure to have aisles and walkways clear and as straight as possible;
  • Hide Brooms, mops, boxes, garbage bags, etc.;
  • Clean and straighten mirrors/art/photos;
  • Hide Clutter and dust – Again, the camera sees everything;
  • Replace all non-functioning or dim lightbulbs;
  • If we are shooting during business hours and clients/customers are in attendance, make sure staff know to inform them that we are shooting and that Google requires us to blur faces;
  • Set Tables if that is the normal procedure (for Restaurants);
  • Light Candles (for Restaurants);
  • Turn all Lights on;
  • Check exterior signage and ensure it is all clean and straight;
  • Remove/hide price tags if you do not want them visible (Some businesses are very competitive with their pricing so we can blur all price tags for an additional fee);
  • Stage your products in a way that you want them to be shown online;
  • Place any additional signs and logos that you may have throughout your business to help build reinforce your brand image;
  • We Accept Cash, Cheque, e-transfer, and credit  at the time of the shoot (unless other arrangements need to be made before the shoot is done);
  • In addition to the virtual tour, we will also be taking 10-15 still Point of Interest pictures of your business that will be uploaded to your Google+ Business page.  If you have any special items or decor that you would like photographed, please let the us know on the day of the shoot.