Let’s Get Fredericton, NB a Google eTown award!

Let’s Get Fredericton, NB a Google eTown award!

The Google eTown Awards celebrate the towns and cities whose businesses are growing online and contributing to the future economic growth of their country. Google and independent research firm Ipsos MORI analysed the online strength of local businesses across all its towns and cities. Those areas with the highest scores in each region were awarded eTown status.

With That Lets Get Fredericton Online! Starting your online presence is easy, first verify your Google My Business Page! Google looks at only businesses with an Online presence; Google has said they look for Web Sites, Blogs, Active Social Media, Use of AdWords, and use of other Google Products. So Business Owners let’s get started.

1. Verify your Google My Business page;
2. Set up your My Business Page;
3. Get a website, not just any website, but a functioning one with your own Domain;
4. Get on Social Media such as Google +, Twitter, Facebook, etc (ranked in the order Google will look at them);
5. Promote your Business online, having an account is useless if people don’t know you have one, also DON’T buy Facebook Likes;
6. Take advantage of Google Analytics (its free);
7. Get a Business View Tour and show it off on your website;
8. Start a Blog and write about your product and services;
9. Advertise with Google AdWords; and
10. Think Global; let’s get People to Travel to Fredericton, NB.

So how do we get the New Brunswick Capital this award? First, Get Businesses online; its as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. Let’s help you get set up online:

Let’s make it easy with some helpful Businesses:

1. Setting Up Google Plus, Google Business View, and Google Questions email me;
2. Websites, one of these two businesses can help:
a. Host Mania Canada;for website creation and hosting and
b. Turner Creative for copywriting services.
3. Google Business View www.csphotography.ca

Google awards the biggest points to just being online! Please share this Blog Post so we can get Fredericton a Google eTown award!!

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