Combine your Offline and Online Marketing

With almost 90% of Canadians connected to the internet is some way; but online marketing and sales is not so common in the business world.  Many businesses still use print media to promote, and advertise their businesses.  One question I have been asked is how can I connect my online tour to other aspects of my business.  Google Business View tours can provide offline benefits to you.   A point that should be noted is that just because your business is offline does not mean your customers are not trying to find you online.

Google Business View tours come with Point of interest pictures.  These pictures are of different parts of your business.  Now how can they work for offline advertising?  Well simple.  They provide you high quality images that you can add to your advertising campaign.  Also the tour is made up of 360 degree panoramic.   Our Google Trusted Photographer, Chris Stapleton, can make you 360 degree panoramic pictures, which can be displayed flat across the banner of your print ad, or as part of a poster.  If you have never seen a flat 360 image you can see one below.

Amazon Pano 1-

If your market is made up of mostly Teck Savy customers, why not use a QR code to display your tour.  This QR code can be placed on Posters, TV Ads, Business Cards, or almost anywhere you can think of placing them.  A QR Code then allows a customer to see inside your business on their Mobile Device.  Once scanned the tour brings the customer right into your business from anywhere.   Even if your business has no real online presence, this tour allows customers to better connect with it.  Again, just because your business is not online doesn’t mean that your customers are not.   Do all your sales staff have business cards?  Well adding a tour to those allows clients to visit the store again after hours and as much as they like until they decide to buy from you.  Giving your customer that ability to view the products, and browse while at home and not rushed, will bring them back to you at the time of sale.  The other part of that is when your sales staff hand out their cards around town at events or anywhere, potential Customers are likely to scan the QR code and be sent into your business; providing a greater exposure of your company.  Below is a QR Code for the tour we did for Greener Village teaching Kitchen, please take the time to scan it with your phone and see for yourself how this is a great way to bring customers into your business.



When you get your tour done, ask how you can get a QR code for your business!

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