Book a StreetView Tour from a Trusted Photographer

360ยบ tour of your business across Google

Google Business View gives you the way to showcase your business.  Invite customers inside with a virtual tour of your business on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.  These tours can be linked to Social Media or to your websites allowing a wide range of opportunities for your business.

Check out the video below on Google Business View; and take a few moments to discover how having a Google Trusted Photographer, photograph your business will benefit you.


See it in Maps


Simple, fast and affordable

Premium quality photo shoots work around your schedule, and the results are live on Google in just a few weeks.

The shoot process is simple:

  1. Set the time of the shoot, and ensure your business is clean;
  2. Be there for the Photo Shoot while our Google Trusted Photographer Chris Stapleton does his work;
  3. Wait for the tour to be published (normally one to two weeks).



Business View on your site

Business view offers your customers a chance to visit the inside of your business without having to leave home.  the tour is a great edition to your website; and easily embed Business View on your website with the Google Maps API or simple HTML.

Business View on your Mobile Device

Google Business View is fully optimized for use on your Mobile device.  With the new Google Maps updates for Android it gives you more features.  On your mobile you can select the business off the map; bring you to their places page.


Map View   Plus Page   see inside


Getting Business View is easy

Get started by contacting me Today! I am a Google Trusted Photographer!  

We are a Veteran owned business, based in Fredericton, and serve, Saint John, Moncton and the rest of Atlantic Canada.  We are here to help you with all your Business Photography needs.