Allowing customers in after closing with Google Business View

Have you ever walked up to a business only to find it closed for the day?  Did you go back later or just move on to another business?  Most people will move on to another business.  This is the same for your online presence, if you are not up to date and current people will move on to another business.

The goal of most retail locations is to bring people in store.  If you have a good online presence, this can bring customers into your store, so can Google Business View.  Let’s go back to you come across a closed business, if there is a see inside QR code in the door, would you scan it and look around?  Most customers likely would scan it and see what you have to offer.  They found your store for a reason.  Now if you were the customer, would you return to the business you visited online, or go to the ones you haven’t?  Many customers will choose you if they see what they want.  Customers do not want to waste their time walking endlessly around to find that right product, letting them see it in your store, sets you apart from the competition.

A study in the US has shown that almost 90% of customers will research a purchase of $100 or more online before they buy that product.  Almost 80% of those respondents have said they would likely buy from the place that provided them the best information.  How does a tour benefit you in this case? Well is allows the customer to see the product.  Say you are buying a car, Google Business View allows you to walk into the car you are planning to buy and see what it looks like from the inside.  Trying to choose a colour, you can browse the lot with Google Business View.  As a business you want to give your customer as much as you can when and how they want it.  Google business view allows them to see the product, and not only read about it.

Want to know how Google Business View will benefit your Business?  Get in contact with our Google Trusted Photographer, Chris Stapleton.  He will be more than willing to explain the benefits of Google Business View for your business.

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